• Twelve Empty Supertankers Reveal Truths About Today's Oil Market

    (Bloomberg) -- They are slowly plowing their way across thousands of miles of ocean toward America’s Gulf of Mexico coastline. As they do, twelve empty supertankers are also revealing a few truths about today’s global oil market.

  • Meghan Markle flew home on Amal Clooney's private jet

    Meghan Markle flew home from New York with Amal Clooney on her private jet. The 37-year-old royal - who is expecting a baby with her husband Prince Harry - jetted back to the United Kingdom with her friend Amal after celebrating her baby shower with 15 close friends in New York. A source told The Sun newspaper: "Meghan hitched a ride with Amal on the private jet.

  • Tennis star saves ball boy after painful 168km/h accident

    The hurt child almost caused himself more damage before the tennis player stepped in.

  • The latest Tammy Hembrow-approved trend taking over Instagram

    The Kardashians are also serious fans.

  • AB de Villiers stuns cricket world with 'insane' new shot

    The South African great might be the only person in the world who could pull this off.

  • Teen left bedridden by Snapchat addiction

    'It took me away from the reality of my own looks.'

  • I guess this koala is hot?

    People have been talking a lot about hot animals lately. There's the hot duck, the hot cat from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and ... Gritty? Is Gritty an animal? I respect the hot animal renaissance as much as anyone. However, I am extremely unnerved by this seductive koala, who was photographed by British photographer Ross Long on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, earlier this month. He later posted it to Instagram.Is this koala hot? It is hard to say, but I do not believe the koala is hot in the same way that the hot duck, for example, is hot. The hot duck is hot no matter what he does -- he will even be hot when he molts, just in a more waif-y, artistic way -- but this koala is hot only because of his particular pose. Is the koala as hot when he is doing something instead of assuming a "come-hither" stance in a tree? I don't think so.Hmmm.Image: Ross Long / Caters News AgencySEE ALSO: Alpaca accounts are underrated social media treasuresThis is not to discount the hot photograph, which is very powerful. It is simply some food for thought in this sexy, sexy animal era.Anyway, this koala probably has chlamydia. WATCH: New study says honeybees can do basic math