Skaters test out the first ever hoverboard

Hoverboard becomes a reality

Years after Marty McFly travelled back to the future a car company has finally invented a real life hoverboard

  • Mother let man violate daughter for cash

    An Auckland mother has admitted letting a neighbour sexually violate her nine-year-old daughter in exchange for cash. The 47-year-old - who can't be named as it could lead to identification of her daughter - pleaded guilty to being party to sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and party to attempted sexual violation in the High Court in Auckland on Wednesday. The woman and her daughter lived in Henderson, and the woman entered into an agreement with a neighbour where he would be able to spend time with the daughter for his sexual gratification, according to an agreed summary of facts.

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  • Sam Fox's girlfriend dies

    Sam Fox is "absolutely devastated" following the death of her girlfriend. The former glamour model's partner and manager of 16 years, Myra Stratton, passed away on Sunday (02.08.15), after battling cancer for two years and the 49-year-old star has been left with a "huge hole" in her life. A statement read: "It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Myra Stratton.

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  • 856 Porn Sites Banned...Waiting for our Ancient Temples to be Vandalized, Are We?

    By imposing a ban on over 850 porn sites, the only purpose the government has served is to make a laughing stalk of itself, a butt of everyone’s jokes. Certainly in the next 24 hours we will find our social networking sites flooding with memes on this action of the rulers of the state and no sooner those memes will be banned too. Meanwhile, as I go through what my fellow members of the society have to say against this dictatorship, in Facebook and Twitter, I recall my student days, when my civics teacher taught how India is a republic country and how we have a handful of fundamental rights granted by the constitution.

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  • Japan PM calls for probe into WikiLeaks claims of US spying

    Japanese leader Shinzo Abe told US Vice President Joe Biden he would have "serious concerns" if WikiLeaks claims Washington spied on Japanese politicians were true, and called for an investigation, a top official said Wednesday. Tokyo's Cabinet spokesman Yoshihide Suga said Biden had apologised to the Japanese prime minister in a telephone call for "causing troubles", without confirming the spying claims. WikiLeaks said Friday it had intercepts revealing years-long spying by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on Japanese officials and major companies.

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  • What happens to debris when a plane crashes in the ocean?

    Australia is leading the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which is thought to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean, with experts in France due to examine Wednesday a wing part that washed up on La Reunion island. The national science agency, CSIRO, along with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, has performed drift modelling based on their current search zone for the jet that vanished last year en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. Q. What happens when a plane crashes into the ocean?

  • Sarah Ferguson moves out of Prince Andrew's home

    Sarah Ferguson has moved out of the home she shared with Britain's Prince Andrew. The pair - who divorced after a decade of marriage in 1996, but have remained close ever since - have lived together at the 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor since 2008 but she has now moved to a ski chalet in Switzerland which they purchased together earlier this year. Prince Andrew, also 55, is believed to be staying in the house - which belonged to the Queen Mother before her death in 2002 - along with the couple's younger daughter Eugenie, 25, while 26-year-old Beatrice lives in London.

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  • Trouble in paradise for Australia's property speculators

    One of the key factors powering Australia's stellar home price boom is set to slow dramatically, economists warn-a change that could finally see the country's seemingly endless run of property price appreciation take a well-needed pause. Speculative investors are a major force in Australia's red-hot property market, helping push the value of residential property half a trillion dollars higher in the past year. In fact, more than half of new home loan approvals are for investment purposes, according to Reuters.

  • 10 Popular Retirement Lifestyles

    No one admits that they want to be labeled or put into a box. It seems so confining. But, actually, most people do. It gives them an identity, and a group where they fit in. Here are ten basic retirement lifestyles, some with a bit of tongue-in-cheek

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  • 9000 Chch tradies jobless, report predicts

    Thousands of tradies will be out of a job when the Canterbury construction boom grinds to a halt, a leading economist warns. An analysis by Westpac bank predicts 14,000 of the region's construction workers will be jobless by 2020, with 9000 of them unable to get jobs elsewhere or successfully shift into new industries. The bank's industry economist David Norman warns that the region's economy will suffer from the "significant downward pressure" created as several thousand income earners lose their jobs.

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  • Malaysia graft agency says PM's funds not linked to scandal

    Malaysia's anti-graft agency has said that nearly $700 million deposited into the prime minister's personal bank accounts were from "donations" and not related to a brewing scandal. Prime Minister Najib Razak has faced mounting pressure in the past year over a series of revelations alleging that hundreds of millions of dollars were siphoned off from a state-owned company linked to him. The Wall Street Journal last month reported that Malaysian government investigators had found nearly $700 million was routed to his personal bank accounts.

  • Swift has ‘no interest’ in ending feud with Perry

    Taylor Swift has "no interest" in making up with Katy Perry. Appearing to address the feud, she told Vanity Fair magazine: "I've trusted people before in friendships or relationships and have felt betrayed. Meanwhile, the 25-year-old beauty previously revealed a few details about how the pair's friendship turned sour.

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  • Celine Dion's 'spirituality' has helped her be strong for her husband

    Celine Dion's "spiritual" belief has helped her cope with her husband's cancer battle. The 47-year-old singer's spouse René Angélil, 73, has been battling throat cancer since December 2013, after developing the illness for a second time. Rene's treatment and fight has been very hard on Celine and the couple's three children - 14-year-old son, Rene, and four-year-old fraternal twins Eddy and Nelson - but she has been able to find perspective and strength from her "spirituality".

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  • Drunken kick sparked fatal brawl

    An 18-year-old says he was "just being an egg" when he kicked a man in the head, sparking an Auckland street brawl that left Connor Morris dead. Mr Morris, the boyfriend of the late Paul Holmes' daughter Millie Elder-Holmes, died a year ago from head injuries during a fight between two groups on Don Buck Road in Massey. Michael Murray, 34, is on trial at the High Court in Auckland accused of murdering the 26-year-old by plunging a long-handled sickle point into his skull, killing him almost instantly.

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  • The $70,000-a-year minimum wage CEO grapples with consequences

    Last April, one CEO decided to boldly go where few have gone before by implementing a $70,000-a-year minimum wage from an average salary of $48,000 previously. Dan Price, 31, chief executive and founder of Gravity Payments, a Seattle, Wash.-based credit-card payment processing company, will also cut his own $1 million annual salary to $70,000, according to a report in the New York Times. “Is anyone else freaking out right now?” he asked his employees.

  • FairPoint posts 2Q profit

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ FairPoint Communications Inc. (FRP) on Wednesday reported second-quarter net income of $40.3 million, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier. The Charlotte, North Carolina-

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  • Scientists solve bacteria mystery

    Now a group of GNS Science and University of Otago researchers think they have the answer. In a new study published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they have discovered acidobacteria, the second-most common bacteria in soil, manage to get by when living in places like dirt and volcanic areas by sucking up hydrogen gas. "Even though there are only low concentrations of the gas in the air, it still provides them with a constant and unlimited resource for survival," microbiology professor Greg Cook said.

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  • Moroccan suffocates trying to enter Spain in suitcase

    A 27-year-old Moroccan man suffocated to death while trying to illegally enter Spain hidden inside a suitcase in the trunk of a car, police said Monday. The man's older brother appears to have tried to smuggle him into Spain by ferry. The older man, aged 34, legally boarded the ferry linking Melilla, a tiny Spanish territory in north Africa, and Almeria in southern Spain with a car on Sunday, a police spokesman said.

  • Does Ahmadinejad plan a shock return to frontline politics?

    As Tehran’s political maneuverings begin in earnest ahead of February’s parliamentary elections. A group of ex-cabinet ministers and allies of former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have formed a political faction called Yekta. هدیه ای ارزشمند از

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  • The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing: The Swoop

    Born out of TACFIT training – short for tactical fitness – the swoop was created by high-level special forces units to deliver quick-fire fitness gains and explosive power throughout your torso. This move hones something exercise scientists and military PTs call the "rotational plane" – think throwing a punch or swinging a tennis racquet – which also results in faster six-pack development.

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  • Sandow hits out at Eels great Sterling

    Newly installed Warrington playmaker Chris Sandow has hit out at Peter Sterling over the Parramatta great's criticism of him. Sterling called for the Eels to part ways with Sandow, after a number of below par NRL performances, shortly before he was granted a release by the Eels to move to Super League last month. Respected NRL commentator and four-time premiership winner Sterling was particular critical of Sandow's defensive efforts.