• US Olympic hero Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender

    "I've always been confused about my gender identity since I was this big," he told ABC's celebrity interviewer Diane Sawyer. Asked point blank if he was a woman, Jenner said: "Yes. Just before making the long-expected announcement Jenner symbolically let his hair down, physically.

  • How To Get Ahead Financially


    Getting out of the month-to-month rat race- Over the years, as I've traveled and talk to thousands upon thousands of people, I've often heard...

  • Angry Jalandhar mom beats up school staff. The reason will shock you!

    In an incident that has shocked the teachers' community in Jalandhar, a mother whose daughter had been stopped from carrying mobile phone to school, allegedly beat up the institution's director. According to a Hindustan Times report, Taranjit Kaur Hundal, barged into the office of Mayor World School director Jyoti Nagrani and closed the door from inside. The police have lodged an FIR against Taranjit Kaur under sections 451 (house trespass in order to commit offence punishable with imprisonment) and 452 (house trespass after preparation to hurt, assault or wrongful restraint).

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  • UK election: Watch for these market reactions

    Both the Labour and Conservative parties unlikely to get enough votes to govern alone, meaning another coalition is most likely on the cards. A socialist pact between Labour and the Scottish Nationalists (SNP) is seen as a negative for financial assets, analysts told CNBC, for instance. The currency is also the most negatively affected by U.K. elections, according to data market analytics tool Kensho, when compared to U.K. gilts and the FTSE 100 (FTSE International: .FTSE).

  • This mega McDonald's bill came to $890

    Spending $10 at McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) will buy a fast food feast. That is how much Moshe Tamssot's bill came to after he tested out the limits of McDonald's new customizable sandwich platform called Create Your Taste. The 3.8 pound burger, piled high with dozens of toppings, including multiple types of cheese and condiments, takes the meaning of loaded to a new level.

  • Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand

    A strong 5.9-magnitude earthquake rattled New Zealand on Friday, seismologists said, panicking shoppers and residents but causing no major damage. The quake hit at 3:36 pm (0336 GMT) with its epicentre about 66 kilometres (41 miles) from the South Island town of Kaikoura at a depth of 55 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said. Kaikoura District Council chief executive Stuart Grant told TVNZ the quake felt like two tremors in quick succession, describing the second as a "big jolt".

  • Nudes galore at Tracey Emin, Schiele show in Vienna

    An exhibition teaming works by British artist Tracey Emin -- many of them new -- and Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele, who died aged 28 in 1918, opened in Vienna on Friday. The show at the city's Leopold Museum incorporates around 50 of Emin's often highly sexualised works alongside around 15 similar, if tamer, drawings and poems by Schiele. Emin, 51 -- best known for her "My Bed" work shown at the Tate Gallery in 1999 -- said the aim of the exhibition was to liberate both her work and that of the Austrian artist, a contemporary of Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka.

  • Britain's Prince William enjoys shopping spree

    Britain's Prince William enjoyed a shopping spree ahead of the birth of his second child. The 32-year-old royal was spotted browsing the shelves at department store Peter Jones in London's Knightsbridge, followed by two security guards and a personal shopper. The second in line to the throne - whose wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, is expected to go into labour any day now - spent around £800 on a selection of casual clothing, including multiple pairs of John Lewis and Gant jeans and two blue wool, v-neck jumpers, an onlooker told US Weekly.

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  • 7 Things to Know About Divorcing During Your Senior Years

    While remarriages tend to have higher divorce rates, it isn't only people on their second or third spouse who are seeing their marriage dissolve. The BGSU study published in The Journals of Gerontology found that 48 percent of divorcees were in their first marriage. While younger couples may have temporary alimony agreements that provide financial support for their ex, often only long enough for lower earning spouses to get back on their feet, it's a different situation for those exiting long-term marriages.

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  • This is about to shake up the price of milk

    Europe's farmers have always said they have had a tough time of it: whether it's rising rents, weather, disease, government controls or cash squeezes from retailers. The EU's milk production quotas were originally introduced in 1984 when farmers, eager to exploit a guaranteed price of milk regardless of demand, literally flooded Europe with dairy goods. Ireland's efficient, productive dairy farmers had a difficult time bringing their production levels to the new limit.

  • Blake Shinn beaten in a bummer of a finish

    There's nothing worse than punters losing their shirts at the track, unless its a jockey who has lost his pants trying to win a race. In one of the more risque and embarrassing moments in Australian horse racing, leading jockey Blake Shinn finished the opening event at Canterbury giving racegoers the ultimate bum steer. Deputy chairman of stewards Greg Rudolph said he had never seen anything like it on a racecourse.

  • Elle Macpherson carries around a urine tester kit

    Elle Macpherson carries around a pH balance urine tester kit wherever she goes. Elle said: "(The most surprising thing in my handbag is) a pH balance urine tester kit to check that I'm in an alkaline state. Having been labeled 'The Body' since the 1980s, Elle has had to make sure her physique is in peak condition at all times, and the 'Britain's Next Top Model' host puts her figure down to "variation" and "consistency".

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  • Sex Up Your Pay Packet

    Last week it was an (unhealthy) grilled cheese sandwich habit that delivered more sex (hey, we only reported the study!) this week it's more sex that delivers more money. While the study didn't conclude whether more sex improved work performance, resulting in more pay, or whether those on bigger bucks were simply more likely to get lucky, study leader Dr Nick Drydakis says a common psychological theory – Maslow's Need Hierarchy – suggests people who are fulfilled at home are likely to be more successful at work.

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  • 'Top Gear' host James May says won't return without Clarkson

    LONDON (Reuters) - "Top Gear" host James May said Thursday he would not return to the top-rated motoring show without co-host Jeremy Clarkson, who was sacked by the BBC last month for attacking a colleague. You can't just put a surrogate Jeremy in and expect it to carry on. Earlier in the day, the BBC said on its website that "Top Gear" producer Andy Wilman "has quit the BBC show in the wake of Jeremy Clarkson's departure".

  • Families of death row inmates head to Indonesia

    Relatives and diplomats rushed to an Indonesian prison island on Friday ahead of the looming executions of nine foreign drug convicts who are set to be shot in defiance of international anger. Indonesia advised consular officials to go to Nusakambangan, the high-security prison island where its executions are carried out, and where all of the death row convicts are now congregated. The foreigners -- two from Australia, one each from Brazil, France and the Philippines, and four from Africa -- have all lost appeals for clemency from President Joko Widodo, who argues that Indonesia is fighting a drugs emergency.

  • Henderson leads LPGA tournament

    Brooke Henderson has no photo on the LPGA Tour's website and has had to rely on sponsor exemptions to get into tournaments after failing to earn a card in qualifying school. For one day at least, Henderson is the new player with a serious swagger in women's golf. "That's pretty cool," Henderson said about her low score.

  • Jet carrying unconscious passengers makes emergency landing

    A SkyWest airlines flight to Connecticut was diverted, descended steeply and made an emergency landing in New York on Wednesday after three passengers lost consciousness. The flight, carrying 75 passengers, departed from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago and had been bound for Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. It landed at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in Buffalo at about 11:40 a.m.

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  • Princess Diana's former holiday home goes on sale

    Princess Diana's former holiday home has gone on sale for £3.95 million. The property - known as the Tarrystone Estate - is situated just outside of Cape Town in South Africa and was previously owned by the late Princess' father Earl Spencer. It is described by the agent as "undoubtedly the most desirable property in the Southern Suburbs, ideal for entertaining on a grand scale".

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  • Boxing promoter Maloney returns to work after sex change

    Boxing promoter Kellie Maloney, formerly known as Frank, announced her return to work on Thursday after undergoing gender realignment surgery. During a 30-year career, Maloney helped fighters including Lennox Lewis, Paul Ingle and Scott Harrison to world titles before retiring in October 2013 and then revealing her desire to be known as a woman last August. Responding to suggestions her sex change had been a marketing ploy, Maloney said: "If the people who think that want to go through what I've been through, they are welcome to try it.

  • Killing of U.S. al Qaeda media frontman seen as big blow for militants

    The killing of an American who directed al Qaeda's media campaign from his Pakistani hideout is likely to be a big blow for the militants, especially as they wage a propaganda war with Islamic State. American al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn, who faced treason charges in the United States, was killed early this year in a strike on an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan, near the Afghan border, U.S. officials said on Thursday.

  • Saudi prince offers 100 Bentleys to fighter pilots?

    A Saudi billionaire has caused a storm on social media, after reportedly offering 100 luxury cars to 100 Saudi fighter pilots who took part in a bombing campaign in Yemen, according to a report by the BBC. On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced the end of the first phase of its military campaign of airstrikes in Yemen -- called "Operation Decisive Storm" - which had the aim of preventing Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, taking over the country. The tweet - which was subsequently deleted -- caused a frenzy on Twitter, with more than 28,000 people sharing his post and over 5,000 liking it, the BBC reported.