• 'Not human': UFC in shock over Kiwi's incredible act of toughness

    A Kiwi fighter is the talk of the UFC after this insane show of courage.

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    An NBA player card from the 1990-1991 season has gone viral for the most disturbing reason.

  • Judge Throws Political Bomb in Trump's Lap by Voiding Obamacare

    The case may not be resolved in the courts before 2020, legal experts said, which could make it a defining issue in the race for the White House and Congress. Democrats immediately jumped on the Friday night ruling to warn that health care coverage for millions of Americans was at stake due to the Republican-led lawsuit that sought to void popular parts of Obamacare, including protections for pre-existing conditions and a ban on annual lifetime limits. Also at risk are provisions that affect the wider health insurance market, such as keeping adults on their parents’ policies until age 26.

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    A former Aussie Test skipper has offered a controversial take on Virat Kohli's dismissal in the second Test.

  • Kanye West hits out at Ariana Grande

    Kanye West has hit out at Ariana Grande after she urged him to "behave" following his feud with fellow rapper Drake. The 41-year-old music mogul went on a social media rant against the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker earlier this week, which prompted Drake to simply post a series of laughing emojis on his Instagram story, and Ariana got herself involved to joke that people should be listening to the new music dropped by herself and Miley Cyrus, rather than paying attention to the rappers' feud. Now, Kanye has hit back at the 'Thank U, Next' hitmaker, claiming that the online drama was "weighing" on his "mental health", and urging the 25-year-old pop star to stop "using this moment to promote a song".

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