• Meghan Markle comes out of maternity leave to honour Christchurch victims

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited New Zealand House in London.

  • Tennis world loses it over Serena Williams and Roger Federer moment

    Fans are in a frenzy over this moment between Serena Williams and Roger Federer, and everyone's saying the same thing.

  • Man returns to his car to find a koala chilling in air-conditioned comfort

    Air conditioning is a gift -- one that belongs to humans and koalas alike.Tim Whitrow, an Australian winemaker, was recently visiting a vineyard and left his car door open with teh air conditioning on to help keep his dog cool in the heat. When he returned to the vehicle he found a Koala chilling in the back seat. It took a little bit for Whitrow to finally get the koala to leave."As I was moving to another part of the vineyard I noticed that someone else was also in the car enjoying the A/C. It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out," Whitrow wrote on Facebook.Why anyone would want a koala out of their car and not in their arms, to be held forever, is beyond me. My fantasy pet combination is a dog and a koala. Imagine coming home to not one but two furry things.Though it's true that koalas don't like to cuddle, and human encounters often stress the creatures out. But maybe this koala was different? Or perhaps it really was just really hot and wanted to cool off. (With their thick fur, koalas are known to overheat in hot temperatures and occasionally even pass out.)Either way, congratulations to Whitrow on this brief encounter with a magical creature. WATCH: Study says dogs reflect their owners' personalities

  • Woman's cancer mistaken for a cold three times

    A CT scan showed the 26-year-old had a 13cm tumour in her diaphragm.

  • Aussie psychic reveals the truth behind haunted houses

    We've all felt spooky energy in some spaces.

  • Priyanka Chopra: I'm a terrible wife

    Priyanka Chopra has joked she's a "terrible wife" because she "can't cook". The 36-year-old actress married singer Nick Jonas last year, and has now revealed she warned him when he proposed to her that whilst he was used to have amazing home cooked meals from his mother, he wouldn't be getting the same treatment when he married her, because she's awful in the kitchen.

  • Woman shocks guests by turning her 30th birthday into a wedding

    No one had any idea!