Mysteries of the deep

WATCH: Mysterious blob baffles divers

This amazing video shows an enormous transparent blob a group of divers was unable to explain.

  • Liam Neeson’s Frail Frame Makes Him Almost Unrecognisable

    The 63-year old, Irish actor, Liam Neeson, has caused much concern amongst fans after being photographed looking quite frail on the streets of New York last week. It’s difficult to establish whether this new look is a result of natural aging or whether he is/has been unwell or if he has adopted it for a role in a new film, we hope it’s the latter.

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  • Peters expelled, MPs walk out in protest

    NZ First MPs staged a protest walkout in parliament after their leader Winston Peters was expelled from the debating chamber by Speaker David Carter. The row started when Social Development Minister Anne Tolley apologised for giving a wrong answer last week to a question from NZ First's Darroch Ball. Mr Carter refused to uphold the complaint, and when Mr Peters wouldn't accept the ruling he was ordered out.

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  • Khloe Kardashian: 'At 16, I Was F***ing Someone In Their 20s'

    Khloe Kardashian was " probably f***ing someone in their 20s" when she was just 16 years old. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star doesn't think it is fair that her younger half-sister, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, has been criticised for dating 25-year-old musician Tyga because the teenager's life is so different to that of most people her age. Asked if she thinks the criticisms of the couple are fair, she said: "I think at 16 I was probably f***ing someone that was in their 20s, for sure.

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  • Blessie's killer named, crimes revealed

    The man who raped and murdered Blessie Gotingco was being monitored after serving time for molesting and abducting a five-year-old girl, it can now be revealed. Name suppression has been lifted for 28-year-old Tony Douglas Robertson who served eight years in jail for taking a girl to a secluded house in Tauranga and sexually molesting her. The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed Robertson's application to appeal a Court of Appeal decision refusing continued name suppression, meaning he can be named and his prior offending disclosed.

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  • Swedish wreck divers claim 'Russian mini sub' discovery

    Swedish wreck divers said Monday they had found the wreck of a Russian mini-submarine in Swedish territorial waters, nine months after a high-profile hunt in Sweden for a mystery submarine. "It is they who claim it's a submarine," Swedish Armed Forces spokesman Anders Kallin told AFP. According to Stefan Hogeborn, a diver from the Ocean X Team company that made the discovery, the vessel is "completely intact" with "no visible damage to the hull" and the hatches closed.

  • Small price for hilux with big mileage

    The auction on Mr Holmes' Toyota Hilux closes on Monday night, and though the price it's likely to attract isn't spectacular, its odometer reading is. Turners, which is New Zealand's largest seller of used cars, believes the Hilux is the highest mileage car it's ever sold. "To be honest, it's not that crazy for a vehicle to have done 1.2 million kms," Turners consultant Micah Bremner told NZ Newswire.

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  • All Blacks lineout innovation hailed

    The All Blacks' match-winning lineout move at Ellis Park explains why they remain a step ahead of the Springboks according to former South African coach Nick Mallett. Richie McCaw put the visitors ahead with a try from a well-rehearsed move in the dying minutes of their Rugby Championship Test on Saturday, won 27-20. The All Blacks skipper scythed through a gaping hole in the Springboks defensive lineout after accepting a short and unexpected throw, prompting adulation from Mallett, who doubted the Springboks would be capable of such a variation.

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  • Life Story: Brian Wilson

    The Beach Boys in 1964 and Brian (second from left) at the height of their early fame. As horrified airplane passengers look on, Brian Wilson – the genius behind The Beach Boys’s sun-drenched sound – begins to howl, then screams out, “I can’t take it anymore!” Soon, he is lying in the plane’s aisle, his face crushed into a pillow, as he tries to muffle his misery. For Brian, it was the first sign of a mental fragility that would drive him to find refuge in food, drink and drugs, and, ultimately, take him to the brink of madness.

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  • Cops find 500k of meth stashed in car

    Two men have been busted with half a million dollars worth of methamphetamine stashed in their car during a pre-dawn raid in Napier. Police were tailing the pair as part of an operation to bust a drug ring that was supplying methamphetamine to the central and upper North Island. Teaming up with the armed offenders squad, officers pulled the vehicle over on the outskirts of Napier about 3.30am on Saturday and found 560 grams of methamphetamine and drug equipment inside.

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  • Nothing to prevent tornado death

    Benedict Dacayan, 37, was killed on May 3, 2011, when a tornado struck an Albany shopping complex where he was working. The Fletcher Construction employee was found seriously injured 45 metres away from where the building had been and died from head and chest injuries. Coroner Katharine Greig said there was nothing on that day that could have been done differently to prevent Mr Dacayan's death and made no criticism of Fletcher Construction.

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  • Britain's Prince George thinks he's three not two

    Britain's Prince George thinks he is three-years-old. The two-year-old son of Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the later cancelled American Cup World Series with his parents on Sunday (26.07.15) in Portsmouth, England, where he told the son of Head Coach, Rob Wilson, Freddie Wilson that he was a year older than he actually is. To which Catherine added: "George says that.

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  • Rita Ora: I used to hate my boobs

    Rita Ora "hated [her] boobs" when she was younger.The 24-year-old singer - who famously loves to show off her cleavage in plunging necklines - has admitted she's now "proud of the skin" she's in, but insisted being comfortable with her body has come with

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  • Pregnant woman was not diagnosed in labour

    A midwife who didn't recognise a patient was in preterm labour has been reprimanded for failing to give the woman reasonable care. The pregnant woman presented at hospital with what she believed to be labour pains, but the on-duty midwife assessed it was only a urinary tract infection. Later that evening, an ambulance delivered the woman to the hospital as the pain got worse and the midwife who initially assessed her was contacted.

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  • Kill Switch Is No Dead Certainty to Stop Phone Theft

    Rusty Redenbacher was delivering kegs of beer in Indianapolis last month when his new iPhone 6 was swiped from his van. Mr. Redenbacher went to his iCloud account and activated “lost mode” to display a message on the phone saying it was lost or stolen, with a number to call. When no one called, Mr. Redenbacher remotely erased the phone the next day.

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  • Ruby Rose's Latest Selfie Left Fans Outraged

    Ruby Rose disappointed fans after posing with Floyd Mayweather. Ruby Rose shared an Instagram snap on Saturday of herself with boxing star Floyd Mayweather, which has since been slammed by fans. Referring to Floyd as "the champ", Ruby is seen giving a thumbs up as she poses alongside the 38-year-old athlete.

  • China escalator swallows toddler's mother: report

    A woman was killed after she plunged through flooring over an escalator in a Chinese department store, reports said Monday, thrusting her toddler to safety as she fell to her death. Xiang Liujuan, 30, was holding her son in front of her as they went up the stairway on Saturday, the Wuhan Evening News said.

  • Kim Kardashian West gushes over JLo's outfit

    Kim Kardashian West has gushed over JLo's "hot" birthday outfit. The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star shared a photo of the 'On The Floor' singer, who celebrated her 46th birthday at New York's 1 OAK nightclub on Friday night (24.07.15). Kim commented on her black sheer cutout dress, exposing her cleavage and used the hashtag "BodyGoals" and said she [JLo] will "forever be my idol".

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  • 13 reasons to make coconut oil a part of your every day

    Coconut oil offers many healing benefits. The natural, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of coconut oil benefits the body in many ways. From your skin to your teeth, waistline and general wellbeing, coconut oil is all kinds of wonderful when it comes to your health.

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  • Mortgage rates plummet to 60 year low

    Mortgage rates have reached their lowest point in 60 years, following the Reserve Bank's move to cut the OCR to 3%. The drop mainly applies to fixed mortgage rates. Dr Matthews said existing borrowers already locked into fixed rates will need to weigh up costs associated with getting out of that and onto the lowered rate.

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  • Surgeons, DHB fail sick man

    Two surgeons, an anaesthetist and a district health board have been censured for failing a man who died from complications during surgery he may not have needed. Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill investigated the death of the 74-year-old man who had surgery to remove gallstones at Gisborne hospital. Mr Hill found that the surgeon who performed the 2011 operation breached her duty of care by failing to properly inform her patient about his treatment options and not getting informed consent.

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