• 'She was my everything': Tragic end to Nepal quake rescue

    As he watched Nepalese police rescuers finally pull the lifeless body of his 14-year-old daughter from the rubble of their home, Dayaram Mohat collapsed on the floor in grief. Minutes later though they realised Prasamsah was missing along with her aunt Chandrawati Mohat, who had been with her niece in the main living room. Mohat pleaded with the hard-pressed rescue teams to try and find Prasamsah, refusing to give up hope that she had survived.

  • Indonesian executions: key questions and answers

    Eight foreigners and a Indonesian facing execution on a prison island are believed to be spending their last hours Tuesday before they are led into a clearing, tied to posts, and shot by firing squad. The position of their hearts will be marked on their clothes in black ink to provide a target for the 12-man firing squad. Q: Where do the executions take place?

  • Why hotels are saying goodbye to check-in and check-out times

    By tradition (and business model), hotels have strict check-in and check-out times to make sure the turnover runs smoothly for incoming guests. While this makes sense, a new trend is emerging, and some properties are adopting a 24-hour check-in/check-out policy. The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills has been providing this amenity since 2012, but other properties, and even entire hotel chains, are jumping on the flexible check-in/check-out bandwagon.

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  • John Stamos 'Calls Bulls**t' on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 'Full House' Shock

    John Stamos doesn't believe that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen didn't know about the Full House spin-off. It looks like Uncle Jesse is disappointed by Michelle Tanner's recent comments about a Full House reboot. John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the '90s TV show, announced last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the show was coming back with a spin-off, titled Fuller House.

  • Mysterious clouds form 'god-like' figure over volcano

    Ash from Chile's Calbuco volcano has heaped more misery on air passengers across South America, as towns and cities struggled to clean up from last week's two powerful eruptions. A sleeping giant for more than 50 years, Calbuco sprang to life in spectacular bursts of ash and lava Wednesday and Thursday, forcing 6,500 people living nearby to evacuate and blanketed southern Chile in suffocating volcanic debris.

  • Every CEO should watch the Bruce Jenner interview

    From tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to even presidential candidates, anyone in a position that involves talking to the media could learn some valuable lessons from Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer. While Jenner's confession that he is transitioning to become a woman was not surprising to those who follow the Kardashians and keep tabs on entertainment news, what was amazing was how moving, touching and affirming the interview was. This was no accident though, as Jenner had a message and knew exactly how to deliver it - no doubt through media training, mock interviews and careful management of the parameters of the interview by his PR people.

  • NZ dollar extends slide vs. Aussie as iron ore rebound lifts sentiment

    The New Zealand dollar extended its slide against the Australian dollar, which has been helped by a recovery in the price of iron ore, Australia's biggest export commodity, to almost US$60 a tonne. The New Zealand dollar fell to 96.79 Australian cents from 97.35 cents yesterday. The kiwi initially fell against its Australian counterpart after a wire agency wrongly attributed to Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens comments that the jobless rate across the Tasman was improving.

  • Blake Lively Spills Her Beauty Secrets

    Blake Lively.The idea of weekly facials sounds good to some, but I'd rather spend that time with friends and family. I don't rely on professional skin maintenance. In winter, I focus on hydration, in summer, I go with lighter moisturisers, and regardless

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  • Spice Girls Boycott Geri Halliwell's Wedding

    Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner are set to tie the knot in the next few weeks in West London. Geri Halliwell may be marrying the man of her dreams in the next few weeks, but it looks like all her former Spice Girls bandmates won't be there to join the celebrations. Sources have confirmed that Mel C. will be busy working on Asia's Got Talent, while Victoria Beckham will be overseas with work commitments.

  • Elvis Presley's planes to remain at Graceland

    It looks like Elvis Presley's airplanes are staying at Graceland after all. Graceland released a statement Sunday saying the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, two custom-designed airplanes once owned by Presley, will remain permanently at the Memphis tourist attraction centered on the life and career of the late singer. The larger plane, a Convair 880 named after Presley's daughter Lisa Marie, is like a customized flying limousine, complete with a large bed, a stereo system, conference room and gold-plated bathroom fixtures.

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  • Ed Sheeran loses over 40 pounds

    Ed Sheeran has lost over 40lbs. During a visit to a Subway fast food restaurant in Australia with '60 Minutes' reporter Peter Stefanovic, he joked about his eating habits. Ed replied: "No, just 'Ed Sheeran: Fat F**k'! No, I lost a lot of weight.

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  • Lena Dunham: Rape left me 'powerless'

    Lena Dunham felt "powerless" after she had been raped. The Girls star has admitted she felt as though her "value" had been determined by another person, following the serious sexual assault. The 28-year-old star is now using her terrible experience to help other victims of sexual assault and to help give a voice to those who have survived.

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  • Adam Lambert has had secret romance with Hollywood actors

    Adam Lambert claims he has had relationships with several Hollywood stars who are not openly gay.The 33-year-old singer has refused to reveal the identity of his former lovers and blames a macho attitude among leading industry figures for their refusal

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  • Retirees 'much worse' off: RBA

    Soon-to-be retirees are being warned by the Reserve Bank governor that they face tough times ahead and will need to take risks with their lifesavings to fund their retirement. Central banks around the world have lowered their interest rates to record lows to stimulate their economies, causing yields on safe investments such as term deposits to fall. The RBA's Glenn Stevens says that as a result, retirees are have to take more risks with their investments than those in the past in order to generate an adequate future income.

  • Council managers in court over $1m bribery

    Two former Auckland council road maintenance managers have been accused of accepting more than $1 million in bribes. Stephen James Borlase, 50, Barrie Kenneth James George, 68, and a third man who has name suppression appeared in North Shore District Court on Tuesday. The trio have been charged with corruption and bribery of an official.

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  • Scientists convinced of quake, drill link

    Scientists are now more certain than ever that oil and gas drilling is causing hundreds of earthquakes across the US, with the evidence coming in from one study after another. Until now, the oil and gas industry has generally argued that any such link requires further study. A series of government and academic studies over the past few years - including at least two reports released last week alone - has added to the body of evidence implicating the US drilling boom over the past decade or so.

  • Labour Party pledges to control rents if elected on May 7

    The Labour Party said on Sunday it would introduce rent controls if it wins an election on May 7 and ban private landlords from raising rents above the rate of inflation for the duration of new three-year contracts. Left-wing Labour and Prime Minister David Cameron's centre-right Conservatives are neck-and-neck in most opinion polls ahead of the election and both are searching for a policy idea that might break the deadlock. Labour leader Ed Miliband has previously promised he would intervene in other areas, such as the energy market, to keep prices down.

  • Corinthian Colleges closes all 28 remaining campuses

    Corinthian Colleges canceled classes Monday and shut down all of its remaining 28 ground campuses, displacing about 16,000 students, less than two weeks after the Education Department announced it was fining the for-profit institution $30 million for misrepresentation. The Santa Ana, California-based company said it was working with other schools to help students continue their education by making transcripts available and coordinating with other educational institutions to accept them. The closures include Heald College campuses in California, Hawaii and Oregon, as well as Everest and WyoTech schools in California, Arizona and New York.

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  • Duchess Catherine to be induced?

    Britain's Duchess Catherine could have her labour induced this week. The 33-year-old royal - who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William - is believed to have been due to give birth to her second child on April 23 and, with doctors at St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing reportedly reluctant to allow a woman to go over a week past her due date, she could receive medical attention to speed up the process. It is believed Catherine and William welcomed their son Prince George, now 21 months, into the world three days late.

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  • Schumacher's son wins on his debut F4 weekend

    Michael Schumacher's 16-year-old son Mick sprayed the winner's champagne after capping an impressive debut weekend in German Formula Four with the first victory of his motor racing career on Sunday. Competing for the Dutch-based Van Amersfoort Racing team, the German lined up second on the grid for the last of three races at Oschersleben and made a quick getaway to lead from the start. Schumacher, who leads the rookie standings and is fifth overall in the championship, ended the 30-minute race behind the safety car with Australian team mate Joey Mawson second and fellow rookie Thomas Preining third.